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Home > Replacement Of Collet Aligning Screw-R8 Spindle  
Replacement Of Collet Aligning Screw.
1. Prior to replacement, use a marking pencil to draw a line on quill (A) and its
    nose piece (B).
2. Loosen the setting screw (C) nose piece. Use a hook spanner to take off the nose
    piece (B).
3. Use a hexagonal spanner of appropriate length to take off the collet aligning
     screw (D) for replacement.
4. When the collet aligning screw is replaced, set the nose piece (B) tightly until it
     is positioned on the marked line.
5. Set the set screw (C) of nose piece tightly.
NOTE: To replace the collet aligning screw, the collect must be placed inside the quill.
set the collect aligning screw (d) tightly so that it will contact the bottom of
screw keyway. then turn it backward by approximately 1/4 round to keep a 0.25mm
(0.01") play for easy installation and removal of the shank. 

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